Painted Yoga Mat Turned Runner

A few weeks ago, I found a runner at TJ Maxx that I loved for my kitchen. I grabbed two because I debated if I only wanted it in my kitchen or if I should put one by the stairs.

I really, really liked it. My mom was with me so of course, I had to get her opinion and further justification it would work.

I took them home and loved it because it perfectly matched my mint colored dishes from IKEA. I realized, though, that I didn’t need two.

A week later, Brandy and I went back to TJ Maxx so I could return the one I didn’t need and I found a rug that would. in fact, work beside my stairs. But when I was checking out, I saw yoga mats and my wheels started spinning as Brandy was checking out.

That seed immediately grew roots because I could not get it off my mind. This was my thought process: I could paint that. I could buy the color I needed and paint a pattern or better yet, stripes and it would be easy to wipe off and if it got wet, no big deal because again, it could be wiped off!

Slowly, though, I remembered I didn’t want to buy a yoga mat to waste just to see if it would work……until one day last week, I found my Wii Fit mat!

I could.not.wait. I just knew it would work.

As soon as the boys were in bed, I measured the mat (and moved the previously bought rug to a hallway). The yoga mat was 72” so I knew I could somewhat evenly do eight inch stripes.

I taped off stripes to paint white first which was easy. Except I remembered that I saw someone’s post about painting stripes on an outdoor rug that said, do inside/outside with tape. Sooo, I had to go back and fix the tape.

(Forgive the phone photos, I kind of forgot to take pictures as I was going because I was so anxious to get it done!)

yoga mat process2   yoga mat process

This is me trying out the navy over the original purple of the mat. Don’t worry, Dad, I put newspaper under all the entire mat and its edges as I painted.

After that, it really was simple! I just painted two coats of white (allowing it to dry in between for a couple of hours), then the next night, re-taped it over the white edge and did the same thing with navy!

yoga mat runner

yoga mat runner 3

yoga mat runner 2

I’ve come to love navy this year and I’m kind of sneaking it in all the rooms in the house.

Then, I saw this room from SAS Interiors, and I felt much better about my navy choice! Isn’t that gorgeous! I still have a loonnngg way to go!

What do you think? An easy update for free because I had the mat, I had tape, and I had white and navy paint!

yoga mat for link party2

(Some important things to note: I had a sample of navy paint from another project I still haven’t shown you but I barely used any so this project doesn’t really require a lot of paint. Also, I’m thinking it would be easier to do if you found the yoga mat in a color of one of the stripes you wanted. Finally, I alternated a brush with a roller to get in between all of the little bumps of the yoga mat.)

Please let me know if you try it! I would love to see what you did!

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15 thoughts on “Painted Yoga Mat Turned Runner

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I love it! I want to buy a yoga mat now so I can try this!
    Thank you for linking up with us at Your Designs This Time.
    Emily @

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